Researches and Projects


this is  an image. Game Theory Meet WSNs Presented a comprehensive survey on ”Game Theory Meet Wireless sensor Networks”, Course Project of Networked Embedded Systems, Dr. M. Nabi , IUT, Spring 2015. 
this is  an image. Logarithmic Learning Simulated and comprehensive survey on ”Logarithmic Learning on Redial Based Functions Using MATLAB M-file” Course project of Neural Networks, Dr. M. Zekri, IUT, Spring 2015. 
Thesis Abstract Hitherto, major of educational centers for assessing student have used the traditional method of evaluation that has several challenges for both students and teachers. we can mention the problem of designing a standard exam for teacher in consecutive terms and prevent from traditional fraud methods that take a lot of time and energy. In addition, after the exam, fair score distribution is...
this is  an image. Reputation Systems Presented a comprehensive survey on ”Reputation Systems: Trust in Internet Interac- tions and Game Theory Models”. Course Project of ”Game Theory” Dr.Manshaei, IUT, Spring 2013 
Modeling cancer in fuzzy systems Research and Simulation “Modeling cancer in fuzzy systems” course project of “Fuzzy Systems” Dr. Ghadiri, IUT, 2012
this is  an image. Error Control in MultiMedia Networks Study and Implementation of ”Error control for Video Streaming”. Simulation Error concealment in Multimedia network, Internship, Dr.Nassiri BASU , 2010.  


this is  an image. Text Summarization Presented a implementing on ”New Concept base Algorithm for Text Summarization in Medical Domain”, Dr. Ghadiri, IUT, Spring 20 
Yahoo Messenger Capture Protocol Study and simulation ”Yahoo Messenger Capture Protocol”. Attack on yahoo protocol,  Dr.Nassiri, BASU, 2011. 
PCAP Study and simulation ”Internet Protocol Analyzer” (PCAP). Dr.Nassiri BASU, Spring 2010. 
Networked Game Implementation and develop host based and network base games Course projects of ” Multimedia Networks” and ”advanced Programming”, Dr.Nassiri, BASU, 2009 &2010. 
RUP Methodology Develop software with RUP methodology for chain store. Course Project of ”Software Engineering I &II ”, Dr.Bashiri, HUT, 2010. 
Computer Graphic Design Design graphical software (Computer Graphic Design). Course Project of ”Computer Graphic” Dr.Dezfoulian, BASU, 2010.