About me :

I am Senior researcher in GTMD research laboratory. I work in this Lab  under supervision of Dr. Manshaei from september 2012 until yet. My recent  research mainly encompass  concepts for the Internet of Things, heterogeneous networks

I am also interested in the field of Mechanism Design and Optimization for Multi-agent Systems.

 I was selected as a elite student in 2013 and I am the member of Talent and scientific elite group from 2011. 




Educations :


M.Sc., Computer Engineering in Artificial IntelligenceIsfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, 2012-2014. GPA 19.43/20. 

M.Sc Thesis on: "A novel Game Theoretic Model in Educational Evaluation"

In this research we propose a different mothod for examination and present a mechanism based on Game Theory(EGM). The main feacher of EGM is learning during the exam . The EGM is Designed for preventing the fraud and is based on  convenient of the teachers. 

  • Top ranked among students  in Electrical  and Computer Engineering Departement.
  • Directly admitted to Msc school for outstanding undergraduate student.
  • Granted Merit-based Admission to M.Sc. at ECE Department of Isfahan University of Technology
  • Selected as Talented Student.  

B.Sc., Information Technology Engineering Hamedan University of Technology, Hamedan, Iran, 2008-2012. GPA 16.89/20, Last two Years GPA: 18.86/20 

B.Sc Thesis on "Investigation of performance and Architecture of search engines"

  • Top 5% among under graduate student in IT department 
  • Selected as Talented Student 

High School Diploma, Math-Physics, Hazrate Fateme High School, Hamedan, Iran. GPA: 19.40/20

  • Graduated with First Class Honors 



Research Interests :

  • IOT and Intelligent agents
  • Multiagent Systems 
  • Networked Embeded systems
  • Game Theory & Mechanism Design
  • Security and Privacy
  • Information Retrieval